So You Want to Be an International Teacher….

Starting at an International School

I was hired for the special needs department of a private independent school (PIS).  The school is part of a large organization of about 20 schools.  I am working with secondary, which is year 7 through year 13.  I only go up to year 11. I don’t have much contact with the year 12 or 13s.  That is the diploma program.

Anyway, activities started on the Friday after we arrived.  It was an introduction to PIS specifically.  Monkey, Dude, and Monster all had to do testing.  Love stayed at the hotel to rest and work on adjusting.

It was intimidating as we went around with introductions.  All of the other teachers that were hired were on their third or fourth international post.  Here I was, my first and with three kids.

So the people I was hired with are pretty fantastic though.  One couple has kids close in age to Monster and Dude.  They also got a flat not only in the same compound but in the same block as well.

Our first introduction was mostly a tour and introduction to each other and leadership.  Based on first impressions, the school is incredibly supportive.  I feel very lucky this is my first experience.

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